End of Life (End of Support)

Last Updated December 31, 2016

The comes a time when we need to cease providing support for old and outdated software version releases.  The cost of supporting these older versions becomes too high and inhibits our ability to provided updates to newer releases.

New problems experienced with older versions for a variety of reasons,  but we typically find these versions running on old computers that are experiencing a hardware problem after many years of service.

Software and the computer operating systems evolve.  Older versions will not install or run on newer systems. Microsoft and others decide at some point that making Windows run the older software is holding back advancements in technology.

Below is a list of versions of HorseTrak we  no longer support. 
We can and will help you convert the data from these versions into the latest release.

DescriptionProgramVersionsRelease Date
HorseTrak 6 – Prior to 6.97HTG60.exeAll2009 or earlier
HorseTrak 2003HTG60.exeAll07/2003
HorseTrak ProHTPRO.exeAll1995
HorseTrak Gold (Not the same as the Gold edition of the current release)HTG32.exeAll03/2001
HorseTrak 2002HTG50.exeAll01/2003
HorseTrak FormsHTFORMS.exeAll05/2002

Thank you.
American Riviera Software