HorseTrak Beta

We continue to develop the next version of HorseTrak. This version is for TESTING ONLY. We will not support recovery of data on this version. There are also some functions that are currently disabled and as they are tested they will be made available.

The software may be downloaded from here:

Download the executable and run it. It will be installed in a default location and will not affect your current HorseTrak install.

On the toolbar of HT9 there is an option to check for updates to make sure you have the latest version.

Please send all comments and suggestions to


We’ve had several people ask about pricing for the new version.

There will be initially 2 Editions of HT9.

Desktop Professional – Like the Business Plus edition, this will include all those features except full accounting. Price $199

Desktop Enterprise – This will include full accounting.

Maintenance – There will be an annual maintenance cost. Pro $40, Enterprise $60

Data Everywhere – This is a service that synchronizes your data between Desktop (and laptop) computers. Entries can be made from any location and the data is synchronized. Data is stored on our servers AND your Desktops – so there is always a backup.
$20/mo for Professional, $25/mo Enterprise

Anyone who has purchased HorseTrak in the last 18mos will get the corresponding Desktop software at no charge for a year.

Upgrades for existing users are expected to be approximately 50% of the full price.