Frequently Asked Questions

See the link above to the Frequently Ask Questions page for common questions and answers. We try to add as much as we can.

Contacting Support

E-mail technical support is always free and faster. E-mail technical support is always free and can be reached at:

We do advise using email support whenever possible. Email support is often faster and available whenever a staff member can respond.  That can be anytime 24/7.

Purchasing Questions

You can purchase your software anytime at our secure order page.  Orders are reviewed before being processed.  Staff may process the order anytime they are available. When your order is processed we will send an e-mail message containing the download link and activation information needed to install and activate your copy of HorseTrak. Order Questions can be directed to .

Telephone Support

Telephone support hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 4:pm PST.  It is always best to e-mail support to make an appointment for phone support.

If you call during business hours and get our voice mail, we are most likely serving other callers. We do not rush through our tech calls, but rather treat all our customers with the undivided service we would hope to get as consumers. Please leave your name, number, e-mail address and a brief description of your problem.

Detailed telephone technical support is by appointment and free for 30 days after purchase. We do not provide support in any form if we can not identify a registered user of the software.

Our phone number is (805) 504-1366

Office Calendar

We maintain a calendar as best we can. The following days reflect days out of the office.