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My Upgrades Should Be Free

Since we acquired HorseTrak and announced the latest upgrade we have had several customers of the previous owners tell us they should get the upgrade for free. Here is a brief outline of the discussions and thoughts and why we have not provided free uprades.


Customer - one that purchases a commodity or service. A Patron or Client.

Previous Owner - the company that previously owned, sold and supported HorseTrak.  They closed down in September 2009.

  • The previous owners of HorseTrak told us they never sold lifetime free upgrades.

  • Yes, you are entitle to use the product you purchased for a lifetime - as long as you want. But it is your responsibility to maintain that copy.

  • The company you purchased HorseTrak from went out of business in September 2009. Any entitlement to free upgrades ended when the prior company went out of business.

  • We believe our upgrade plan is a generous offer extended to Customers of the Previous Owner.

  •  If any promises of upgrades were made to you it was by the Previous Owner.

  • We have been told by some people that we are providing bad customer service if we do not give them a free upgrade.  We believe we are in a business. If we give away our products we won't be in business long. How does that benefit you?

  • A Product of any kind is worth to you what you are willing to pay.  If you are not willing to pay anything, it is worth nothing to you.If we give away the product how long will we be in business?

  • If you have a customer pay you for a service today, does that payment entitled them to that service in the future for no further payment? What if that was a customer of a different operation?  Will you provide free services?

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