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HorseTrak v 6.97 Upgrade Instructions

The process to upgrade from previous versions of HorseTrak to HorseTrak v 6.97 is straight forward.  We recommend following these instructions because when migrating to Windows Vista or Windows 7 the data is no longer stored in the same folder as the software.

  1. With your current version of HorseTrak, perform a data backup. See the Backup-Restore instructions. Remember those instructions are from the older versions.

  2. Make a copy of the ZIP file to be certain.  Copy it to My Documents.

  3. Install HorseTrak 6.97.  Then run it.  It will start in demo mode.

  4. Restore you data from the Zip file (See the Backup-Restore instructions)

  5. Activate the new version using the License Code we send after purchase.

Please Note:

In version 6.97 the program and data files have been relocated.  And, in  Windows Vista and Windows 7 the HorseTrak data and program locations have changed as follows

What XP Location Vista / Win 7 Location
Application Files c:\Program Files\AmerisoftCorp\HorseTrak6 c:\Program Files (x86)\AmerisoftCorp\HorseTrak6
Data Files c:\Program Files\AmerisoftCorp\HorseTrak6 c:\Users\Public\Documents\AmerisoftCorp\HorseTrak6



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