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BACK-UP DATA and Send to Support

If you have upgraded from any other program prior to 2002, you must contact for instructions. Be sure to include your current version information.

NOTE: Older v5/Pro users:  The backup utility creates files named "1.bkp" or "2.bkp".  These are the backup files that need to be sent to support. These older products do not create ZIP files.

For a clearer understanding of the back-up process, scroll down and review each of the pictures and captions to see where you will be taken from one step to another. The red arrows are for display only to show you each place to click. You will not see the red arrows as you actually go through the steps in your program.

To back-up data from your current computer, open the program on that computer, click "File" then "Backup Data Files" The Version 6 program will name your file the current date, such as: "HT8-07-2007" We suggest you accept that name as it helps you identify the last time a back up was done. In Versions 2002 and 2003, type in the current date as the 2002 and 2003 versions do not automatically name your file. NEVER change the field that reads: "Path name to store backup file."

Do not back up directly to a CD or Memory Stick. Back up to the program "Backup Data" Folder which is the default.

You will now see activity as in the picture below. Don't interrupt it. It only takes a few seconds

When completed, right click on the Windows "Start" button at the bottom of your computer screen, then select "Explore"

Locate PROGRAM FILES then the HTV6 folder, click on it, then click on the "Back up Data" folder. You will see the file you just backed up.

That file (this is just an example - your name will be different)  is the one you need to attach to an e-mail message and send to support.

Different e-mail programs will have a slightly different procedure, but the basic process is to.....
1. Reply or start a new message to
2. Locate the "paperclip" or "attachment" button in the e-mail window.
3. Use the file selection option to locate and select the backup file described above.
4. Send the e-mail with the attached backup.

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