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** NOTE: HorseTrak Expense Edition includes upgrades for the first year but there are no update (a newer version of Expense Edition) discounts. 
You can Upgrade from Expense to another edition and receive a credit of the amount you paid for Expense if purchased within the 1st year. 
Contact for details.

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Up to 10 Horses!
With HorseTrak Expense you can keep all your records for up to ten horses.

Expense Tracking and Reporting!
HorseTrak Expense includes a check register that allows you to track your expenses. As you write your checks enter them in to HorseTrak Expense and tell HorseTrak Expense what it is for. I.E. So much for hay, so much for medicine, so much for boarding, etc... Then HorseTrak Expense can report how much you spent on each type of expense you have!

Keep detailed health records of each animal. Use our default list or create your own. Enter a health record for one horse and with a click of a button you can transfer that service to multiple horses. Real time savers!

Breeding Records For Your Mare(s)!
Keep all the activity you do while breeding your mare, organized by season and/or stud. Print breeding charts and transfer everything that is relevant to her health records with a click of a button!

Scheduled Services with Reminders!
Do you have repeat services that you need to schedule and/or be reminded of? Shots once a year or every six months, farrier every 6 weeks... no problem! Enter the service and specify how often, every week, 6 weeks, monthly, yearly, whatever, and let your computer do the rest. HorseTrak Basic will notify you when you have schedules services due, print a To Do List and recalculate the next due date. Copy to health with a click of your mouse!

Create up to 5 generation pedigree ancestry and print the document. Print a photo of your horse on a 4 generation pedigree certificate. Maintain your live horse database separately from its ancestors.

Print feed management
Maintain up to date nutritional records of each horse. Print individual records for the vet, owner and barn.

Maintain names and addresses
Now you can keep all of your contact information organized, in one place for viewing and printing. Look up the people and companies in you life and others in separate groups from your program address book!

Maintain your schedule well in advance. All the health, service, and breeding records are interfaced to the calendar providing a one stop place to find all your activities for the day!

Simple to use
Nothing to memorize, easy to use. Point and Click. Keeps backups of all your data. You only want to enter it once! Improved back up and restore function to maintain and name your data in a .zip file.

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