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May 7, 2012 -


We have made a lot of recent progress with the next release.  User Interface simplification is a big goal and there is always many opinions on what is better, what is easier to use and what is more efficient design wise.



December 2011 -


Update of these web pages reflecting the coming changes in HorseTrak


April 2011 -


This is an overview of the progress on HorseTrak 2012.

What we will show here is mainly how the new interface is being developed and how the new interface will increase productivity.


What are the goals for HorseTrak 2012:


Easier to use screens and menus
An organized, easier to follow workflow
Access to more information faster
Customizable Reports
Correction of errors from HorseTrak 6


Use the menu on the left to review the different areas.


This is all still work in progress.

Some things are missing and others will change.


Many icons will change - Example: the muppet character "Animal" will not represent animals/horses in the future.
Many screen layouts will be further modified for clarity and ease of use.


Stay tuned.